You can of course visit us in Denmark in our lounge >>. If this is too far, the next step is to check our dealer page >> where we have listed a select group of trusted dealers. They are typically located in major cities so even though there might not be a dealer close to you, perhaps you come through on business or holiday and can visit then. On irregular occasions Davone can be heard at audio shows as well. Check with us if any show is coming up soon. Reviews can also give some insight but remember the reviewers' sound preferences might not align with yours. And make sure a review is recent because we implement improvements when needed in order to keep our speakers up to date with our latest findings. Below you can read more about how our speakers sound and why.

In broad strokes Davone sounds similar to the market leaders that build speakers with the widely accepted construction of a bass reflex cabinet with 2 or more direct radiating drivers. Looking more into detail there are some areas that we are focussing on and thus create the "Davone sound". The single bass driver is common in all our models because only in a full anechoic room would you loose 6dB below the baffle frequency. In other words, a 2 or 2.5 way system with 2 identical bass drivers has a broad level increase around 200Hz. This might be mistaken for a punchy bass, but it distorts the human voice quite bad and bass seperation is bad as well. Also, we use 24 dB/oct cross overs because this reduces tweeter distortion considerably and it gives more upper mid range energy from the tweeter compared to shallower filters. This in turn is very beneficial for an open sound with good imaging due to the improved sound radiation in the upper mid range. We also like linear on and off axes frequency responses because shaped responses give a very different sound depending on the music that is played. In short, Davone speakers will give you a full range well balanced energetic sound with plenty of details delivered with a little bit of velvet. Of course, a lot more can be said about the Davone sound and if you like to learn more just get in touch with us.

Davone speakers are a relatively simple load for a modern amplifier. Basically any amplifier will work if you are a casual listener. For example, we have heard from customers that had positive experiences with basic amplifiers from Sonos or Denon for our smaller models. A step up in quality are the practical streaming amplifiers from Linn or Naim. And of course there are many exotic amplifiers for the audiophile who is looking for a special sound. Audio Research, Manley, Conrad Johnson to name a few. In general we would recommend buying an amplifier with equaliser to enable small adjustments for room acoustics, differences in recordings or simply taste of sound.

Davone speakers have an average sensitivity and a good 50 Watt amplifier will be sufficient in most cases. But wattage alone does not mean much. How fast and at what distortion the amplifier can deliver those 50 Watts is just as important. The meaning of Wattage is therefore limited for comparing between brands that follow different design philosophies. Within the same brand it can be meaningful and we would recommend buying a higher wattage (100 Watt or more) model when shopping among lower priced amplifiers.

The current version of our speakers is called HR which means High Resolution. It is meant to explain the difference compared to earlier versions that used shallower slope cross-overs. The improved sound radiation of HR gives more off-axes energy in the mid range wihthout adding energy on axes. In other words, more information of music is revealed without changing the direct sound (which could lead to listening fatigue).

Davone speakers are designed, engineered and hand assembled at Davone in Denmark. Davone has many close partners that deliver parts to our factory on a regular bases. Their skill and experience is also paramount in the production of the Davone speakers. For critical parts we only have partners that are close to us in Denmark, Sweden or Germany and we visit them regularly.

The unique design of each Davone speaker could make design a deciding factor when selecting your model. Our consistent high quality approach to audio in all our models ensures that no compromise is made when putting design first. For it’s size all Davone models will give the very best sound quality. And where large speakers can perfectly well be used in small rooms, small speakers in large rooms can be limited, but only if high volumes are required.

It is important to us to make speakers that offer good value. Good value can only be achieved through numbers so our customization options in regards to different wood veneers and different stand paint colours are very limited. It is possible though to put different grille cloth on all models and you can always check with us if a new wood veneer or stand paint colour is planned to be taken into production any time soon. We also have many possibilities with Mojo colours that are not listed on the website.

To make a beautiful high gloss cabinet, the surface needs to be perfectly smooth. The side panels of Davone speakers are made from plywood which does not have a perfect surface due to the wood grain in all natural wood. A special layer would have to be pressed on top to absorb the wood grain irregularities. We do not keep those special panels in stock and therefore high gloss is not available on Davone speakers. The traditional Danish style is actually soaped wood which has a very matt appearance. Being a Danish brand we prefer to follow that tradition as well.

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