the enhanced Tulip - small yet versatile

With the tweeter and bass-mid driver now of same quality as Ray, the Tulip-VSA is a loudspeaker with deep and stable soundstaging and accrate tonal balance. And don't let the small size fool you. The powerful Tulip will give you the satisfaction of hearing a recording with concert hall clarity and precision. Fully handcrafted in Denmark.

  • Two powerful bass drivers

    The Tulip functions as a 2.5 way system, but not in the traditional cost-saving sense. Indeed, the two woofers work in parallel only in the low frequencies. But usually this leads to a booming bass. With the dedicated woofer only assisting below 100Hz and through the carefully tuned cross over, the sum of all three Tulip drivers is in perfect balance. Also, with both bass drivers optimized for their respective frequency range, the Tulip has taken the 2.5 way system to the next level.

  • The ring radiator

    used in both Ray and Studio, this sweet-toned tweeter is becoming a legend in its own right. Being a 29mm ring radiator tweeter, it offers exceptionally low distortion. Through the optimized dome geometry, and by omitting the typical plug in the centre, sound dispersion is further enhanced. The high power handling combined with a low resonance frequency enables a low cross over frequency, without the tweeter sounding aggressive. Even at higher volumes.

  • Inert baffle

    The 24mm thick curved baffle is pressed into shape from 6 layers of High Density Fiber board (HDF). It provides optimal structural strength for the two powerful woofers and tweeter. The cuts on the side enable the use of flat dowels to further strengthen the connection between the baffle and the cabinet walls.


Frequency response

43 - 30.000 Hz


4 ohm, 2.7 ohm minimum at 43 Hz


88 dB/2,83V/m

Max power

100 W (IEC 268-5)


150mm, proprietary natural fibre cone. Extended copper sleeve on pole piece for low distortion. Xmax 20 mm peak-peak

Mid woofer

150mm, low distortion driver with a special fibre blend cone with optimal balance of stiffness, damping and density


29mm ring radiator, dual balanced compression chamber, saturation controlled motor system, non-reflective rear chamber with optimized damping

Cross over

2.1 kHz. Bottom woofer 100 Hz low pass


Bass reflex


6 layer beech wood form pressed veneer


11 kg / piece

Current version

Værløse Studio A (VSA)


  • Black on Ash

  • Walnut

  • Oak, cross stand

  • White on Ash, cross stand