• New product: Davone Tulip

    An elegant little statue, the Tulip is only 83cm high and 18 cm wide. Though with two powerful high quality 6" woofers working in parallel, it still packs a big punch. Well placed, Tulip gives the listener the satisfaction of hearing a recording with studio or concert hall clarity and precision. And have a close look at the side panels. Do they not resemble the leave of the Tulip flower?

  • A new website

    With a fresh new look and lot's of new material, we hope you will find it an interesting browse. With minimal bells and whistles, little text and lot's of images, you can now get a quick and detailed overview of our loudspeakers and company. Based on modern html, the website can now also be viewed on mobile devices, though it does not scale yet to the small screen size. It will soon though.

  • Munich High End 2014

    Nearly all renowned companies and brands will be represented at the HIGH END show in Munich. And this year Davone is one of them. From May 15-18, you can find us in Hall 2, area C01, right at main entrance. We will have a passive display, showing all our loudspeakers including the new Tulip and a new stand for the Mojo. The show is open for public on sunday only.