• Colourful Tulip

    An elegant little statue, the Tulip is only 83cm high and 18 cm wide. With two powerful high quality 6" woofers working in parallel, it packs a big punch. Well placed, Tulip gives the listener the satisfaction of hearing a recording with studio or concert hall clarity and precision. Tulip is now available in silk white and black stained ash, ash, oak and walnut.

  • A new website

    With a fresh new look and lot's of new material, we hope you will find it an interesting browse. With minimal bells and whistles, little text and lot's of images, you can now get a quick and detailed overview of our loudspeakers and company. Based on modern html, the website can now also be viewed on mobile devices, though it does not scale yet to the small screen size. It will soon though.

  • Mojo elevated

    Responding to the many requests we have had, a special Mojo stand is now available. Making it easier to find that perfect spot to place your Mojo's, the sound quality will also be improved. Especially the bass range and imaging will become better defined due to the larger distance from the floor. With the heavy baseplate, the stand is firm.