• NEW, the Studio

    The Studio pairs Davone’s special fibre blend 7” mid woofer with the unique ring radiator tweeter. it creates a compellingly realistic sound stage out of all proportion to its size. A bespoke floor stand will position the Studio at the perfect listening height.

  • NEW, Grande enhanced with Beryllium tweeter

    No words are adequate to relate the experience you will have with our enhanced flagship model, the Grande-VSA. With the extended frequency response of 40kHz of the new Beryllium tweeter, the perception of transients and other micro details is improved. Along with the further refined mid range driver, the enhanced Grande recreates the atmosphere as was intended by the musicians.

  • NEW, the Solo

    Being an impressive floorstander, the Solo bundles the experience build up over the past decade. It represents the next generation in sound reproduction, as well as in acoustic and bend plywood design. With best in class drivers and cross-over technology, the Solo is next in line to our top model, the Grande.