Of rare quality and refinement, Davone has become synonymous for elegance and simple luxury. Drawn from the best of Danish traditions, Davone currently features 6 unique loudspeaker models, all evolved from the same philosophy.
Art & Science
Loudspeaker development is both an art and a science. Where science builds the foundation, the art of listening gives the finishing touch. By listening carefully to the smallest details, either on single drivers or complete loudspeakers, we make small adjustments until an optimum has been found. In the controlled listening room at Davone we do this for each and every loudspeaker model, large or small. Until we are completely satisfied that the new Davone delivers the involving musical and balanced sound that Davone has become known for.
A Good Vibe
Davone loudspeakers are fluent and organically shaped, with a mid century twist. This has become Davone’s signature mark. Even though each model is unique, they all come from the same origin. A luxurious mid century decor home. Just imagine wooden wall panelling, a heavy woollen carpet, damped colours, a comfortable Eames lounge chair and the smell of leather. In short, a place that gives off a good vibe.
We care about what we create

Our handcrafted models are made using techniques that have been largely unchanged since laminated bended wood products first appeared in the middle of the last century. Multiple thin wood laminates are bend into their final shape in a press, and heat transforms the glue in between the layers into a glass-like state. A process that requires constant attention to get the best results. The three dimensional complexity of our models requires extra care while cooling down. During final assembly, small adjustments still need to be made because each part is slightly different. In the end we want to be proud of what we make. Because each time we send a new Davone to a customer, it is a compliment. It shows that there are customers who appreciate the extra effort that goes into making all Davone products.

Join the exclusive group of Davone owners

Enjoying music is what it is all about. Imagine putting on your favourite tunes, closing your eyes, discovering new details you had not heard before. Completely immerse yourself in the music. After some time of intense listening, perhaps you allow yourself to doze off a little. Utter relaxation after a hard day's work. And with their signature appearance, the Davone loudspeakers are truly exclusive. A far cry from mass produced anonymity. Just like the listening experience, the Davone models are created with long lasting ownership in mind. Meaning restraint rather than over-the-top design. Enjoying music rather than analysing it.